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Large mold being serviced

Injection Mold Maintenance & Repair Services

Maintaining an injection mold properly can prolong its lifespan and guarantee its optimum performance. We advise to have molds serviced even before they begin to show any signs of wear and tear to avoid potential damage. Regular maintenance is not only cost-effective but also prevents delays in production.

Mold Maintenance

Mold broken down for inspection

Typical mold repairs include addressing issues such as worn or damaged ejector pins, water lines that leak, and hot runner leakage. Additionally, we offer mold revisions, where specific components are updated to enhance the mold's functionality. Our skilled team can also perform mold repairs without relying on CAD files as a reference, through the use of reverse engineering techniques.

Mold Repair

Mold being repaired with laser welder

Mold repair and maintenance required a unique skillset. A1 Solutions has a full team of skilled repair specialists on staff. If you need a one off repair or continuous maintenance on your tool, our team of experts are here to help. 

Exterior of A1 Tool Soluion

Fully disassemble the mold,

Clean & Review all components in mold,

Repair/Replace any needed components,

Test Runners and Water Lines,

Polish any surfaces needed.

Our Mold Maintenance & 

Repair Process:

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